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( -/- )
5.11.07 04:35
hey sweety

i read it today
that is really cool that you are going to be so close
you will be so incredible tired when you come here...
i mean i was sleeping 12 hours in the beginning xD
love you!!!!
i am going to answer your email as fast as possible.
miss you!

( -/- )
2.11.07 00:56
hey my love
just wanna write in your lovely guestbook because i hadn't such a long time.
so glad that i can tell you that i will travel to st. louis next year; easter time. an exchange. such a crazy imagination to be in the same big big country like you are ... but just wanted to tell ya this
im gonna go sleeping now
wish you a good night (don't know when you'll read but whatever^^)
lots of love and hugs and kisses and everything
miss you so damn much
caro <3

( -/- )
22.9.07 06:05
ask daniel, i just wrote him about my german xD
i want to see photos.
one of caro and her timo (please donot kill when this is the wrong name)
one of you all and many many others!!!!!!
now! (the best would be yesterday)
so please put some on this side (=make some )
my first holidays will be in november for 2 days ((
but school is like a walk in the park here...
soooo not toooo bad.
i love you and miss you all.
please do not be angry when i have not written you yet. there will come the time i write to you!!!

( -/- )
17.9.07 23:52
will neues hoeren!!!
kann ja wohl nicht sein dasses bei euch nix zu laestern gibt....
bye bye sweetys
(new fotos online )

( -/- )
16.9.07 02:15
to my little caro

i am so happy about you and timo!!!!!!!!!!
i wish you the very best... (tell him when he is not nice to you i will come and beat him with all of my football-friends xD)
it is really strange not to hear your voices... i miss you all.
please write me first, my time on the computer is short because school keeps me busy... it is difficul to lear math and chemistry and so on on english... more difficult than you think... but my family is awsome and i really feel at home...

( -/- )
11.9.07 22:05
so wow [i'll write in englisch ... just because i can :D one of the favorite sayings right now here in good old germany. in german of course]
nice pictures, i really have to say .... damn, i wanna be in new york too ... i think it's pretty cool to be at all the places always shown in tv, isn't it? but i believe it's good that you aren't in ny today because it's the 11th of september and they're lots of memory speeches, i'd say.
do you wanna write me an email about phil ?! what was that? as i wrote on your pinboard in the schüler vz i didn't care about the other messages and today, martin and sandra told me about you and some guy ! i was really wondering what has happened ! so:
if you have the time. well, i don't know and if you want me to write first, just say it and i'll do it =) i'm sorry for not giving a sign of living per email or something but i don't have any time right now ! every little minute is planned with something ! don't know how to handle this but okay ... i have to.
so, i saw you have got the information yet that me and timo are together (is that correct or just denglish :D ?) ... yes, last saturday on stadtfest. if you want to know: yeah, i AM happy =) happier than i could have been ever with rouven or tom, you were right my dear =) for photos of me and him just look in the schüler vz; marie; "stefans 17. geburstag" and then the second picture i think.
so, i think i have to do a telephone call now (^^) and i don't konw what to say else (i can't even concentrate anymore because it's taht late^^)
okay, one thing left: i miss you soooo ....
phoning is bad beacuse of your parents, hu? wish we could ... it's strange not to hear your voice such a long time ....
love you
*kiss* *kiss* *kiss*

( -/- )
11.9.07 16:01
Juhuu du hast die Fotos drin
Sieht ja echt toll aus...
Wie ist es denn in der Schule?? Darfst du da Fotos machen? wenn ja stell die auch mal rein!:P *sehn wolln*
And now some english:D...ähmm...I don't know what to say anymore..instead: I miss you very very much :-*

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